The real Tibet or the imaginary Shangri-La?

Tibet has ceased to have a real, material existence and has become a virtual, spiritual world. Accordingly, most Westerners’ concern and love for Tibet lacked rational and practical content, and they merely invested in their aspirations and expectations for a mysterious and ideal world in Tibet.

First Tibetan TED speaker held a story-sharing meeting in Lh...

Recently, Nyima Wangdu, the principal of the School for the Blind of Tibet Disabled Persons’ Federation and the first Tibetan TED speaker, held a story-sharing meeting on “I Don’t Want Three Days of Light” in Lhasa.

Gains and inspiration of the Olympic Games to a Tibetan yout...

The snowflake torch platform slowly descended and the main torch went out slowly. The 10-day Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games took place and ended in March, leaving good memories in the hearts of many people, and of course in Phuntsok Sonam’s.

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