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A Tibetan graduate's startup success

At a new restaurant in Lhasa, Sidar greets diners, who may well take her for a waitress. Sidar, 23, is actually the proprietor. Majoring in aquatic environment protection, Sidar graduated from Xiamen Ocean Vocational College last year.

Tenzin Geshe, the fourteenth successor of Mandrung Manor Tibetan incense

Born in 1988, Tenzin Geshe is the fourteenth successor of the Mandrung Manor Tibetan incense.

Across China: Tibetan students' thousand-km way home for holiday

The 3,100-km journey home from his high school did not stress 17-year-old Sonam Wenjam, who comes from a Tibetan prefecture in northwest China's Qinghai Province. On Feb. 1, he arrived at Qinghai's provincial capital, Xining, after a 48-hour train journey from Shenyang, capital of northeast China's Liaoning Provinc...

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