Ranger dedicates more than a decade to protecting Hoh Xil wi...

Lhundrup Tsegyel, deputy head of the Sonam Dargye protection station under the Sanjiangyuan National Park administration bureau, has dedicated himself to protecting the inhospitable Hoh Xil, an ideal habitat for wildlife in northwest China’s Qinghai Province, for 16 years.

Blue canvas shoes start man’s trek out of poverty

Sangye Lekpo was the first in his family to have shoes. In 1963, at the age of 19, he trekked 300 kilometers barefoot and bought his first pair of shoes-made of blue canvas with white soles. They cost about a third of his monthly earnings. "Those were the only shoes in my family. I only put them on when heading to t...

A lonely traveller: One Chinese woman’s path to freedom

On the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, about a 24 hours’ drive from Lhasa, the Chola Mountain looms ahead of eastbound traffic. Su Min gripped her steering wheel and watched the approaching mountains through sunglasses with rose-colored frames.

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