'Monkey King’ and his monkeys at Dagu Glacier

In the 12 years until now, the number of Tibetan macaques has grown from 70-80 to around 200. Zheng Yungui knows perfectly well which macaques belong to the same group, which macaque is the king, what their habits are and exactly where they live. Zheng is able to assemble the macaques for meals simply with several ...

Entrepreneur's success is an open book

Take a look in any stationery store and you will find all sorts of notebooks for sale, but few that reflect the distinctive characteristics of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Entrepreneur Ngawang Dondrum aims to fill that gap in the market. Born to an impoverished family in Nagchu Prefecture, one of the first things t...

An intangible cultural heritage inheritor at the foot of Dagu Glacier

It was at a teahouse at the foot of the Dagu Glacier, Sichuan Province, that I met Gen Deng Zha Xi, an 82-year-old inheritor of Si Bo le, a local intangible cultural heritage.

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