Tsering Tsotan: From shepherdess to leader of poverty alleviation

Tsering Tsotan, who was born in the 1980s, is a National People's Congress representative from the Changtang Grassland in Tibet and a village official. She is the Party branch secretary of Na Village in Chagtse Township, Biru County, Nagchu Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region. In 2018, she led 173 households of 907...

And then there was one

By the time Ash Dykes had reached Chongqing in Southwest China 178 days after setting out to trek the Yangtze River from its source to the sea he had shed 10 kilograms. "The most difficult part of the journey is over," the British explorer, 28, told China Daily in Chongqing on Feb 27, nine days after he had reached...

Samdrup Drolma: happy life is the secret to my long life

82-year-old Samdrup Drolma is wearing a Tibetan chuba (dress) and standing on the roof of her home, looking out into distance and thinking about of her past. In her life, Samdrup Drolma has experienced the days of both Old and New Tibet, and in all her life she has had a relationship with the land. The difference i...

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