Ham made of Tibetan pigs

Publish Time: 2019-04-19 Author: From: China Tibet Online

Gongbo Gyamda County in Nyingchi City, Tibet Autonomous Region is famous for its Tibetan pigs. In August 2017, the county created a unique Tibetan pig industrial park in the eastern part of Bahe Town.

The main Tibetan pig breeding areas are the three towns of Bahe, Zhula, and Conggo, and they are also national-level protected areas for Tibetan pigs. In 2018, more than 87,000 Tibetan pigs were bred in the county and 30,000 became fully grown, a year-on-year increase of 33.8 percent. More than 2,750 households are involved in pig breeding industry, and there are 13 cooperatives and companies and two pig slaughterhouses.

The high-end fermented Tibetan pork ham from the Dongyuan brand in Gongbo Gyamda uses an Italian automated ham fermentation production line, and the quality and taste can compete with top European and American products.

Local traditional ways of eating pork such as dried pork, roasted pork, stewed pork, and pork sausages were approved in 2012 as Tibet Autonomous Region-level intangible cultural heritage items. In 2018, Tibetan pigs from Gongbo Gyamda County also earned the “Geographical Indication Product” from the national Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

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