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Winter in Tibet is the time for making meat jerky

Publish Time: 2018-01-07 Author: Daqiong From: chinadaily.com.cn


A Tibetan man makes beef jerky. [Photo by Daqiong/chinadaily.com.cn] 

People in the Tibet autonomous region are busy making beef jerky as winter comes, which creates a kind of scenery in the city.

The beef jerky, freeze-dried rather than sun-dried, tastes crunchy as the original flavor is well-preserved.

In the process, appropriate meat will be selected and cut into thumb-sized strips 10-15 centimeters long, to be dried in a cool and ventilated place.

Varying flavors can be achieved when pepper, salt and chili powder are spread on the beef before it completely dries.

Yak meat jerky is a traditional delicacy used to entertain guests in Tibet as well as an ideal gift to share.

It is reported that sales of yak meat totaled over 30 tons just during the three-day New Year's holiday.

In 2017, Tibet produced 190,400 tons of yak meat, representing an increase of 10,400 tons compared with 2016.


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