Photo story of a Tibetan chef

Publish Time: 2016-01-08 Author: From: China Tibet Online

Photo shows Tersing Lobgye holds the "Lhasa Chef-God 2015" trophy.

Photo shows a dish prepared by Tersing Lobgye - "The Kamba man."

Photo shows Tersing Lobgye's winning dish titled - "Lucky Eight sheep"during the Inaugural Lhasa City Food and Beverage Industry Vocational Skills Competition.

Photo shows Tersing Lobgye’s dish – "Flaming lamb chops."

Thirty-year-old Tersing Lobgye was born in the southern Lotsa County of the Lhoka Prefecture. At one point he had to drop out of school due to the unemployment situation troubling his poor family. Yet ten years ago, Tersing Lobgye visited a Lhasa relatives’ home and thanks to the hospitality of the relatives at the time they were all invited out for a Tibetan meal in a local restaurant.

"Amazed by how a restaurant could make such delicious cuisine, I wanted to become a cook myself and make delicious meals for everyone to enjoy." Tersing Lobgye shared the idea with his relatives, and they helped him find a master Han chef.

Because of the enthusiasm stemming from foreign tourists in Lhasa for Tibetan food, he reconsidered the direction of his development,and decided to move forward and establish himself as a new breed Tibetan cuisines chef. Now today, all the way from cold to hot dishes, Tersing Lobgye prepares more than 200 types of dishes, and he has in succession been awarded the "Best Chinese chefs Rookie Award", the "Chinese Golden Kitchen Award", the "2015 Lhasa Chefs" award and more.

"I hope that the Tibetan cuisine can be carried forward into full-fledged internationalization, and just as is the case with Chinese cuisine from cold to hot dishes, and from snacks to banquet dishes, that it will be able to stand alone and that is will be possible to present it as a complete a feast." For the future, Tersing Lobgye is full of confidence.

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