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How much does it cost to Travel Tibet?

Publish Time: 2019-03-14 Author: From: China Tibet Online

Since the Tibet permit regulations were put in place, traveling to Tibet has always been considered to be an expensive trip. However, in comparison with a holiday in other places around the world, traveling to Tibet only appears to be more expensive because of the outright cost of the tour. With all of the inclusive items in the Tibet Tour packages, traveling to Tibet is well worth the cost these days.

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General Cost of Touring in Tibet in Different Seasons

The cost of traveling to Tibet can differ from season to season, with summer being the most expensive and winter being the cheapest. Travel to Tibet in the winter months is still possible, and you can still get to see most of the stunning attractions of the plateau, including Mount Qomolangma Base Camp. The advantage of winter travel is that many things are discounted in price, from train tickets to accommodation, making the entire trip cheaper.

Travel in the summer months, from June to September, is more expensive due to the high season and the number of travelers. With summer being the most popular time to go, prices are often increased to meet the demand. However, this is true of every holiday destination in the world, so it is not only Tibet that is more expensive in the peak season.

Cost of Entering Tibet

There are costs involved to get into Tibet, and the main one is the cost of the tour. Without a pre-booked tour with a registered tour operator like Explore Tibet, you can’t get the Tibet entry permit. There are also costs for the visa, train or flight tickets, etc.

Chinese Entry Visa

Applied for before booking your tour, the Chinese Entry Visa is only used for entering Tibet from inland China. Visas can be obtained from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in your home country, and the cost does vary depending on the country of origin. Below is a list of some of the latest visa costs by country:

Country  Single Entry Visa Cost

Australia *   AUD 109.50

Canada *   CAD 142.00

France *   EUR 126.00

Germany *   EUR 125.45

Ireland   EUR 40.00

Italy *    EUR 127.10

Netherlands *  EUR 126.55

New Zealand   NZD 140.00

Singapore *   SGD 85.00

Spain *   EUR 126.55

United Kingdom *  GBP 151.00

United States of America USD  140.00

(Countries marked with an asterisk (*) are required to apply for the Chinese Entry Visa via the local Chinese Visa Application Service Center (CVASC). Cost includes the CVASC fees.)


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