The ticket for the Potala Palace to rise in May

Publish Time: 2019-04-24 Author: Zhang Lindong From: Kangba TV

According to Potala Administrative Office in Lhasa, starting from May 1, the ticket for the Potala Palace will be raised to 200 yuan from the current 100 yuan because of the tourism boom.

Tickets are limited and should be secured in advance. Tourists can book a ticket either on the official website 7 days in advance or at the Potala’s ticket window 1 day in advance.

Online Order is the Final Order

It is learned that the Potala Palace receives 4,000 tourists on average very day in April. Potala Administrative Office staff patrol in each scenery spot for security and services.

After reservation, the tourist will get a reservation ticket that contains the tourist’s personal information and visiting hours. The ticket holders need to arrive 2 hours in advance.

A reminder from the administrative office: the reservation-ticket-holders who do not visit the palace shall not book a ticket again within 7 days. The tickets can be booked from 8:00 a.m. every day, till sold out.

A Contingency Plan for Overflow

Tourists for the Potala Palace are limited to 5,000 per day. When the number surges and breaks the ceiling, a contingency plan of opening Route 2 will be applied. The accommodation for extra 2,000 tourists will quench the thirst for a ticket.

The ticket for Route 2 can only be reserved on site, with a discount of 50% off.

Visiting Procedure

Tourists need to show the reservation ticket for three times.

First, at the entrance. The holders of the ticket printed with “East Gate” shall enter the palace from the east gate, whereas those of the ticket with “Individual” from the south gate.

Security check is necessary through the gates. All the prohibited items to a plane shall not be taken to the palace.

Second, at the Second Gate. Working staff will double check the reservation ticket and the ID card. Climbing along the slope for about 300m after the Second Gate, tourists will reach the ticket window.

Third, at the ticket window. Tourists need to show their reservation ticket to buy a formal one. With certain certificates, discounts are available.

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