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Chengdu-Hongyuan-Lhasa air line resumed

Publish Time: 2018-03-29 Author: Tian Ruolin From: Kangba TV

Air China’s flight CA4025 smoothly landed on Hongyuan Airport, Sichuan’s Aba at 11:15, March 27, marking the official resumption of Chengdu-Hongyuan-Lhasa air line, which was suspended for over five months due to off-season. 

Flight CA4025 serves for Chengdu-Hongyuan-Lhasa air line and flight CA4026 takes care of the return travel on every Tuesday and Friday.  

The former takes off at 10:20 at Shuangliu Airport, arrives at Hongyuan Airport at 11:15. It takes off again at 12:00 from Hongyuan Airport and arrives at Lhasa at 14:15. 

The latter takes off at 15:10 at Lhasa, arrives at Hongyuan Airport at 17:20. It takes off again at 18:10 from Hongyuan Airport and arrives at Shuangliu Airport at 19:00. 

It is also learned that Hongyuan-Chongqing air line will be resumed at the end of April. Negotiation is well underway with eastern and coastal cities and Hongyuan-Wenzhou air line is expected to be launched this year. 

To provide more convenient travel service, Hongyuan County has launched several shuttle bus lines connecting hot tourist destinations and the airport. Meanwhile, car rental service stations are set up for tourists planning self-driving tours. 


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