Air route from Xigaze to Jinan opened

Publish Time: 2018-09-06 Author: From: China Tibet News

Recently, the air route from Xigaze to Jinan has been opened, according Tibet's Xigaze Peace Airport.

Shandong is one of the provinces providing partner assistance to Xigaze. The opening of this route shortens the distance between Shandong and Tibet, making communication easier.

The flight number is MU9901 and it stops over in Xi'an. There are flights every Thursday and Sunday.

This is the third route opened by Xigaze, the second largest city in Tibet, following the routes of Xigaze-Chengdu and Xigaze-Xi'an-Shanghai, further enriching the air route network in Tibet and enhancing the communication level of Xigaze.

By Zhi Xinghua

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