Three reasons why you should visit Tibet in the winter

Publish Time: 2019-11-14 Author: From: CGTN

Some say you should pay a visit to southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region for at least once in a lifetime. The place charms numerous tourists with its mesmerizing scenery, enigmatic culture, and exotic charms. Though many would normally choose to visit Tibet in the summer when the weather conditions are considered more pleasant, the winter season proves to be a good option as well. Here's why:

Low tourism season

From hotels to restaurants, tour packages, entry tickets, and transportation, winter in Tibet offers a series of discounts. Starting from October 15, visitors can enjoy free entry at some of the favored tourist spots during the five-month-long winter season. For instance, Potala Palace in the region's capital Lhasa, Tibet's landmark and the most-visited local attraction, invites visitors for a free tour until March 15, 2020.

Visitors can also get a minimum discount of 50 percent on air tickets, and a minimum discount of 50 percent in Tibet's hotels of three-star and above.

Fewer crowds

If the lower travel expenses didn't tempt you, then you'll find the less-crowded Tibet more alluring. In the peak season, many popular tourist attractions are thronged with tourists from home and abroad. But in the winter, there's no need to worry about busy roads, fully-packed temples or those photographers vying for the same shot. That's why winter tours can be more relaxing.

With the crowds getting thinner in the cold season, you'll get a better chance to stroll around the Barkhor Street in Lhasa and watch the proceedings in the Jokhang Temple properly.

Not-too-bad weather

Most people consider Tibet is freezing cold in the winter due to the high altitude. However, the real winter weather conditions are not as intimidating as many imagine.

Take Lhasa as an example. Although the nighttime temperatures can drop to minus five degrees Celsius, when the bright sun comes out and shines in the daytime, it's quite warm with temperatures reaching around 10 degrees Celsius. Some even say winter in Tibet is warmer than in Beijing.

Also, the blazing sunshine along with the clear sky will enhance the colors and definition in your photographs.

Travel tips:

1. Prepare enough warm clothes for a significant temperature gap.

2. Sunscreen products are necessary because the sunlight in the winter is rather skin-damaging.

3. Some scenic spots might be closed due to heavy snow. Check with the travel agency before setting off.

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