An invitation from peach valley in Nyingchi, Tibet

Publish Time: 2019-04-13 Author: From: China Tibet Online

The 17th Annual Peach Blossom Cultural Tourism Festival starts on March 29th, 2019 at the Gala Village of Bayi District in Nyingchi City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, and the event will last from March 15th through April 30th.

This year’s festival features a theme of “Paradise on Earth: Enchanting Nyingchi”, featuring 13 major events to showcase the ecology and beauty of Nyingchi.

According to organizers, during past festivals, after watching the artistic performances on the opening ceremony, guests and visitors will enjoy the peach blossoms in Pagra Village, take photographs and experience events such as “Adopt-a-Peach-Tree,” “Horseback Riding,” and hitting the ox horn. Decorated with peach blossoms and fireworks, Nyingchi‘s night looks especially festive.

Many technology elements are also added to the festival, such as “Stars gazing in Peach Blossom Valley,” laser-pen guided lectures of the starry sky by astronomy experts, photography lessons for starry skies, enriching the peach-blossom season with meteorology and astronomy education and multi-faceted photography.

The peach blossoms of Nyingchi cover more than 500 mu (82 acres) in total area. When visitors come in March or April, peach blossoms are seen everywhere.

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