The Best Tibet Tours in 2019 (I)

Publish Time: 2019-03-25 Author: From: China Tibet Online

Touring to Tibet is one of the most exciting and exhilarating experiences in the world, and this year, there are more tours to choose from to make your trip to the Roof of the World an amazing experience. Here at Explore Tibet, we have tailor-made our Tibet Small Group Tours based on our many years of experience and have chosen the itineraries for the top eight Tibet tours to suit the needs of most of the travelers. Similarly, we have a wide range of private tours, with basic itineraries that can be personalized to make your trip to Tibet an experience you will never forget. 
Tibet Small Group Tours 
4 Days Lhasa Highlight Group Tour
One of the best ways to explore the capital city of Lhasa is one of our amazing four-day tours that give you the best of the highlights of this City of Sunshine. A great way to further explore the cultural and religious significance of the center of modern Tibetan civilization, this awesome tour gives you the best of Lhasa, in all its glory. Take in the stunning sight of the Potala Palace before heading up your steps to explore inside of the palace, and then head into the city center to visit the sacred Jokhang Temple. Built in the 7th century, this ancient temple is the most sacred building in Tibet, and houses one of the oldest known statues of Buddha. Around the temple, you will get the chance to take on the kora route, which follows the roads of Barkhor Street around the sacred site, used by pilgrims visiting the temple to pray and perform their ritual kora every day.

You will also be able to discover the two main monasteries of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism within the city, Sera and Drepung. These two monasteries are part of the three major monasteries of this school, and are important in Tibetan Buddhism. Both monasteries have colleges for training the young monks, and one of the most spectacular sights is the afternoon debates of the monks in Sera Monastery. Exciting and energetic, these debates are an integral part of the training of the young monks, and allow them to better understand the philosophical and theological aspects of the Buddhist sutras. 

6 Days Cultural Experiences Group Tour 

Another great Tibet tour that can give you some great insights into the religious and cultural aspects of the Tibetan way of life, this unique 6-day tour takes in the amazing sights of Lhasa for the first two days, while you acclimatize. You will get to tour around the Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple, and join the devout Tibetan pilgrims on their ritual kora walk around the sacred temple, along Barkhor Street.

Then you will head out of the capital on the fourth day, to explore further. The tour takes you first to Yamdrok Lake, one of the great three sacred lakes of Tibet, before heading to Gyantse to visit the 32-meter Kumbum Stupa. Then it is on to Shigatse, where you will stop for the night. In the morning, you will explore the second largest city of Tibet, as well as visiting the amazing Tashilhunpo Monastery, seat of the Panchen Lama and an important monastery in Tibetan Buddhism, as well as being significant in Tibetan culture and history.

Then you will head back to Lhasa by taking the direct route that follows the beautiful Yarlung Tsangpo River Valley, one of the largest rivers in Tibet, which will later become the Brahmaputra River, and empty into the Indian Ocean. The trip back to Lhasa takes around six hours, and the rest of the day and evening is yours, before you leave the plateau on the following day. 

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