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Garze: a land witnessing multi-ethnic exchanges in SW China

Publish Time: 2018-11-23 Author: From: China Tibet Online

To understand the “soul” of a place, you must visit a local museum, an important window into local history, culture, human geography, and customs. Recently, a group of reporters came to Sichuan to visit the Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Museum. Garze Prefecture is located at the junction of the east-west “Han-Tibetan Corridor” and the north-south “Qiang-Tibetan-Yi Corridor”.

Tiger skin tent

In 1638, the Mongolian leader Gushri Khan met with the fifth Dalai Lama. This tiger skin tent was gifted to the fifth Dalai Lama by Gushri Khan around this time. “The tiger skin tent uses more than 100 tiger skins. The two black circles on the top are made of black bear skin, and the white part mixed with the black bear skin is camel skin. Leopard skin is used on both sides of the tent frame, along with more than 10,000 seashells set in auspicious patterns around the edges. Such a tent would have been very expensive. Considering that seashells were a kind of currency that could have been circulated in the local area, the whole tent was worth the equivalent of 200 million yuan.”


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