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Mount Kailash - Ranked as Lonely Planet's No.1 Tibet Tour Experience (II)

Publish Time: 2018-09-04 Author: From: China Tibet Online

Best Season to Visit Mt. Kailash 

Lying far out in the west of Tibet, it is not always possible to get to Mount Kailash, as the weather can sometimes be unavoidably harsh, making travel hard to impossible. Even then, there are times when it is not advisable to try trekking around the kora, due to snow or rain causing the trails to become impassible.

If the rains are not too heavy, then the trek can be done in the summer months, though August is unadvisable. The best times to visit this sacred mountain are from Mid-April to early October. These are the times when it is driest and not too cold to trek around the mountain. Clear skies normally prevail at these times of year, and bring with them sunshine that warms the soul as well as the body. However, nights can be extremely cold in this remote region, so warm clothing is recommended.

May is also the time of the famous Saga Dawa Festival, which is one of the most popular times for pilgrims to travel to the area to make the trek around the Kailash kora. This is also a great time of year to travel to Kailash, as the festival celebrations are unlike any other in the world. Ancient religious ceremonies abound, and the festival is the time of the resetting of the ancient flagpole at Tarboche, of which it is said that, if the flagpole is not set straight with the new prayer flags, then Tibet will suffer disaster.


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