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Lhasa’s millennial ancient village becomes a popular picnic resort

Publish Time: 2018-07-29 Author: Tian Ruolin From: Kangba TV

Scenery of Lhasa’s suburbs, Dadong Village

“Linka” as a noun means garden in Tibetan. As a verb, it refers to Tibetan people enjoy their holidays in gardens by proposing toasts, singing, dancing and taking a picnic in the nature. 

Tents put up by Lhasa’s Dadong Village for tourists coming over to entertain themselves. 

Dadong Village is one of the most intact ancient Tibetan villages in Tibet Autonomous Region, about 18km away from Lhasa’s downtown.  

The village is also endowed with natural and cultural landscapes. Valley of the village is deep and tranquil with lush vegetation. Nimatang Monastery and Baise Monastery nearby have a history of almost two thousand years.  

Now is the peak time for people to enjoy a picnic and many people drive to Dadong Village from Lhasa to enjoy their holidays. 


Kelsang flowers bloom in Dadong Village. (Photo provided by Dadong Village) 

After two years’ management by Lhasa Liuwu New District’s administration committee and a tourism company, Dadong Village has become a hot destination in the suburb of Lhasa with well-known tourism brands like Dadong happy linka, Dadong peach blossom festival and Dadong music carnival. 


Dadong Village’s hot spring opens to the public. (Photo/Jiang Feibo) 

Dadong Village will roll out more featured activities like fruits picking season, photography exhibition season, hot spring bathing season, etc. to further promote its rural tourism. 


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