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Experience ultimate beauties in Tibet’s Ngari (II)

Publish Time: 2018-06-24 Author: Tian Ruolin From: Kangba TV

Imposing landscapes: 

Ngari is desolate, majestic and vast in territory with unique landscapes. Zanda soil forest covers an area of 2,500 square kilometers with soil forest in different styles. 

Changtang grassland stretches to the horizon with herds of cattle and sheep. The landforms formed by the Himalayas and Mt. Gangdise are quite marvelous and spectacular. 

Wild animals: 

There are an overwhelming number and species of wild animals. Located in the core area of Changtang plateau, wild animals like golden wild yaks are exclusive to this place. Tibetan antelopes, grizzly bears, foxes, etc. can be seen all around, which is awe-stricken. 

The views of the blue sky, white clouds, green grass and herds of kiangs and Tibetan antelopes are gorgeous. 

Pure folk customs: 

Local herdsmen are ebullient and hospitable. 

Best place for star observing: 

With cold and dry climate and highly transparent air, Ngari is hailed as the most suitable land for star observing in the Northern Hemisphere though Tibet is said to be the best place to watch stars.  

National Astronomical Observatories of China has built an observatory in Ngari and the Ngari Dark Sky Park has been built which dubbed as the best place to admire the fantasy sky. 

For tourists dwell in the inland, the rare starry sky and the boundless land can bring you a visual feast. 

Highway travel tips: 

National highway 219 is across the Ngari area from Xinjiang’s Kashgar in the west to Tibets Shigatse in the east in good condition. Tourists can drive to Ngari from Lhasa and Shigatse.  

Main townships and tourist destinations are connected by asphalt or cement roads with necessary petrol stations, which is quite suitable for cross-country adventure. 


Air travel tips: 

Ngari’s Kunsha Airport is one of the highest airports around the world. It has been put into use in wake of its completion since July 2010. 

As of now, many air routes have been launched, like daily flight between Lhasa and Ngari, weekly flight on Tuesday between Xi'an and Ngari, stopping by Kashgar and weekly flight on Friday between Urumchi and Ngari, stopping by Kashgar. 

On the flight to Ngari, passengers can overlook and enjoy the continuous snow capped mountains, scattered lakes, and Ngari featured sacred mountains. 

Warm tips: 

Ngari is a border region, so a travel permit is needed when travelling there. Besides, Ngari is mainly inhabited by Tibetan people, so local custom and religious belief should be respected when travelling there. 


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