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Lulang International Tourism Township

Publish Time: 2018-06-14 Author: From: China Tibet News

The program of building Lulang International Tourism Township was approved by National Development and Innovation Committee in 2011. With an investment of 3.5 billion yuan, Lulang International Tourism Township occupies an area of 1,288 mu (about 85.86 hectares). It is regarded as the main aid-Tibet project by China’s south Guangdong Province and a key tourism development project by China’s Tibet Autonomous Region.

During the construction of Lulang Township, environmental protection is the main element which needs to be considered. Tibet is an important ecological shelter. The development of the township should not be at the cost of environment.

Following the idea of “Tibetan culture, ecology, tranquility and fashion”, the design of Lulang Township persists on the ecological conservation. There are also well-equipped facilities related to ecological conservation such as waste transfer station and sewage disposal plant.

Photo shows Lulang's second banquet event of stone pot. [Photo/China Tibet News] 

In 2000, Tashigang Village’s first family inn run by Phuntsok, a local villager, was open, which had eight beds.

In 2006, the economic structure of Tshigang Village was transformed into one centering on tourism.

In 2013, the construction of Lulang International Township began.

In 2016, the construction of Lulang International Township was completed.

In 2017, Lulang International Township was open to the public.

Photo shows tourists are praising Lulang International Tourism Township. [Photo/China Tibet News] 

Photo shows a lake located in Lulang International Tourism Township. [Photo/China Tibet News] 

Liu kejiang, town chief of Lulang International Township, said that Lulang has an increasing number of tourists, bringing fortune to the locals. Besides, it also promotes Tibetan folk culture and its unique scenery.

Lulang International Tourism Township won titles as “national tourist resort”, “China’s rural tourism maker demonstration base”, “national urbanization pilot region” and “national sports leisure town”.


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