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Special Sanyan fortified towers in East Tibet

Publish Time: 2018-06-06 Author: Chen Man From: Kangba TV

Photo shows the fortified towers in Xiaya Village, Qangsum Township, Konjo County, Tibet Autonomous Region. (Photo/ Cheng Weiguo)

In Sanyan District, Konjo County, Chamdo, Tibet, local dwellings feature a style of fortified towers.

Tall and magnificent, those buildings form a tower complex, and are special in style among Tibet’s ethnic architectures.

Photo shows the special fortified tower complex. (Photo/ Cheng Weiguo)

It is learned that, the towers in Sanyan have large chambers, with three or four and at most five floors.

The outer walls are made of earth, with no windows.

Walls of each storey have several round or triangular holes, from which people can watch the outside or shoot.


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