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Booming flowers fill Lhasa with fragrance

Publish Time: 2018-03-27 Author: Zhang Lindong From: Kangba TV

Everything is happy in spring. On the sunshine weekend, the streets in Lhasa are full of white, pink and red flowers, a colorful scene.

In Lhasa, locals start their new day with a cup of sweet tea and a bowl of Tibetan noodles. The tea houses on the Cisongtang Road have become hot on the Internet recently, because people post photos of tea houses under cherry trees on WeChat wildly. Basking in the sun under cherry trees in front, you will sit here comfortably for a whole day.

As the warming sun breaks the dawn, chairs and desks are pulled out underneath the cherry trees. All the seats are taken even if it is in the morning. Friends are chatting in circles, with tea cups in the hand and fragrance filling the nose. 

Most patrons are students from Lhasa Teachers College. They are like the booming flowers, gorgeous and warm.

In the sunshine, the fragrance of flowers can always surprise you from the greenbelts on the road, from the compounds in the alley or from parks.

In addition to this warming season, the policy of free tickets to all the A-class scenic spots in Tibet Autonomous Region have attracted more tourists than those of last year.

In the park, a couple of peculiar-shaped yet booming peach trees are surrounded by tourists, who are taking different postures with the flowers in front of the camera.

Under the pear tree in a compound, a nanny is bathing under the sun with her eyes closed, oblivious to the noisy children around. The pear blossoms are withering, but the green twigs are sprouting.

In this flower-booming season, why not invite your family and friends to Lhasa and enjoy a journey of searching flowers? 


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