Chamdo: a charming tourist destination in eastern Tibet

Publish Time: 2019-11-12 Author: Tian Ruolin From: Kangba TV

Chamdo sits in the bordering areas of Tibet Autonomous Region, Sichuan, Qinghai and Yunnan provinces. It used to be the strategic place of the Ancient Tea Horse Road and is now the must pass of Sichuan-Tibet Highway and Yunnan-Tibet Highway.

The notable Mangkam, Zogang and Baxoi counties favored by travel buffs are all in Chamdo, as well as attractive landscapes like ancient salt wells, Ra-og Tso and Laigu glacier.

There are magnificent mountain and canyon scenery. The unique rough beauty of Lancang River canyon can be seen along the way to Mangkam County from Yunnan Province.

What’s more, there are distinct grasslands worth visiting. Grasslands in alpine and chilly places are wild and vast which is quite different from those in inland.

Besides, there are Mangkam salt wells, the marvelous spectacle along the Ancient Tea Horse Road.

As the thoroughfare from Nanzhao Kingdom to Tubo Kingdom in history as well as the must pass of transporting Yunnan tea to Tibet, Cakalho Township in Mangkam County is a magical place in Tibet.

At present, the only artificial salt drying scene along the Ancient Tea Horse Road can be seen in Cakalho, which is the most primitive worldwide.

Pack up your luggage, beautiful views in Chamdo are waiting for you.

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