Star observation places recommended in Tibet (I)

Publish Time: 2019-11-11 Author: Tian Ruolin From: Kangba TV

As the cities develop, light pollution is severe and star observation is more and more inaccessible in urban areas. Therefore, a growing number of astronomy buffs have turned their eyes to Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, "The Third Pole".

Snowy mountains, alpine lakes, starry sky and the Milky Way on the plateau compose a picturesque view and attract people from home and abroad.

Then, what are the best star observing places in Tibet? What features does Tibet’s starry sky have? What should be paid attention to while observing stars? Below are star observation places recommended and tips given by Fei Chizhong, producer of China's first star theme time-lapse documentary "Star Spine".

I. Ngari Dark Sky Park

Location for star observation: any place inside the park (all year round)

Local advantages for star observation: Ngari Observatory is hailed as the best place to observe stars in the Northern Hemisphere.

As of now, a dark sky preserve of 2500 square kilometers has been established near Ngari Observatory as well as the Ngari Dark Sky Park that consists of star experience zone, telescope observation zone and tourist service zone with six refracting and reflecting telescopes for better star observation experiences.

Tips: Ngari Dark Sky Park is 25km, about half an hour’s ride to the south of Shiquanhe Township, Ngari Prefecture. This observation place is in border areas so certain certificates are needed when heading there.

II. Namtso

Location for star observation: Around Shengxiang Tianmen (the north shore of Namtso) (all year round)

Local advantages for star observation: The spectacular galaxy is visible to the naked eyes near Shengxiang Tianmen of Namtso, so is meteor. The views of starry sky there range from season to season.

Tips: Nights in Namtso are chilly so pay attention to keeping warm.

III. Yamzhog Yumco

Location for star observation: Around Yamzhog Yumco (all year round)

Local advantages for star observation: Overlook Yamzhog Yumco, it looks like a scorpion. The “double scorpion” journey of observing stars in Yamzhog Yumco is peculiar to Scorpio people, since they can see the scorpion both on the land and in the sky.

Yamzhog Yumco is a perfect place to look for and watch constellations in clear nights.

Tips: To better look for and watch the constellations, please download the Star Walk 2 Free app.

IV. Dromo Lhari Snow Mountain

Location for star observation: The viewing platform of Dromo Lhari Snow Mountain (all year round)

Local advantages for star observation: Situated in Phari Township, Yadong County, Shigatse City, Dromo Lhari Snow Mountain, meaning The Goddess Peak, 7,326m above sea level, is one of the most beautiful snow mountains in Tibet. The towering snow mountain is a terrific supplement to the starry sky.

Tips: Green Laser Pointers should be brought to better track and locate the favored stars. In addition, Dromo Lhari Snow Mountain is in border areas so certain certificates are also needed when visiting there.

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