Explore Tibetan Minyak culture in Kangding, Sichuan Province

Publish Time: 2017-04-06 Author: Tian Ruolin From: Kangba TV

Minyak sacred area sits inthe west of Mt. Zedo, specifically, in Edamenba Village, Cegaba Town of Kangding City.The world-renowned city of love songs, is only 13km away from Kangding Airport. 

 It is Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture’s first tourist destination combining local folk customs and natural scenery. Also, it is China’s first Tibetan Minyak culture-themed scenic spot. 

Minyak people mainly reside in areas to the west of Mt. Zedo in Kangding, where Minyak culture is best conserved. 

As an important station along the Ancient Tea Horse Road, Minyak sacred area is home to the temporary imperial palace of Princess Minyak Gyamodren or Songtsen Gampo’s fourth princess consort. 

Covering an area of 139 square kilometers, Minyak sacred area scenic spot is fascinating with snowy mountains, grass, flowers, rivers, lakes and Tibetan Minyak customs,at an altitude between 3,600m and 4,400m. 

It is said that Khampa people are born to be able to sing and dance. People there are all able to dance Guozhuang (circle dance). 

Minyak sacred area is a land of mystery,unsophisticated folk customs and beautiful landscapes, where ancient civilization can be traced and natural ecology can be experienced. 

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