Girl, 10, completes grueling cycling challenge along plateau road

Publish Time: 2019-08-12 Author: From: China Plus

A brave and adventurous 10-year-old Chinese girl has completed a grueling adventure of cycling to Tibet along one of the world's most dangerous roads.

Yuan Yixin cycled a total of 2,250 kilometers from Sichuan Province with her father Yuan Qi over 25 days and finally arrived in Lhasa on July 30.

This was the second attempt at the challenge to cycle along the Sichuan-Tibet Road for this father-daughter duo. On July 2 last year, they tried to complete the route, but after crossing several tortuous mountains they were forced to turn back due to heavy rain and landslides.

"When we came back last year, we decided to ride the Sichuan-Tibet Road again this year!" said the father.

Yuan Yixin returned from this year's trip with a slightly tanned skin. Her father said she was the youngest cyclist on the route during their journey. He said now that they have completed the trip, she has a big smile on her face and appears to be in a good mood when compared to that of last year.

Yuan Qi said along the route they experienced almost all the common difficulties, headwinds, rainstorms, snowdrift, hail, falling rocks, landslides, debris flows, and temperatures from 0 to nearly 40 degrees Celsius. Fortunately, they accomplished their mission without being hurt.

The beautiful scenery along the Sichuan-Tibet Road has over the years attracted many cyclists to challenge themselves despite its high altitude and complicated geological environment.

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