Tourism brings joy, income to herdsmen

Publish Time: 2019-07-07 Author: Palden Nyima and Daqiong in Damshung, Tibet From:

A giant yak tent tourist service center in Tibet’s Damshung county can hold more than 100 guests. [Photo by Palden Nyima/]

Horse riding is not only a key aspect of traditional nomadic life, but also a major income source for herders in Tibet’s northern grassland county — thanks to the region’s efforts to turn itself into a world tourism destination.
“Damshung” literally means ”A chosen grassland” in the Tibetan language. 
Known as the northern gate of Tibet, the county boasts genuine yak meat and nomadic dairy products. 
Every year in August, the county holds the region’s grandest horse race festival, which is also an attraction for tourists.

Tibetan horse-riding businessman Dondrub Chosang with his beloved horse in Damshung county. [Photo by Palden Nyima/]

All people on the grassland know how to ride horses, though riding is not as popular as before due to the increasing numbers of automobiles and motorbikes. It is, however, still practiced and preserved on the remote grassland. The county’s horse race track is located in front of a giant yak tent in the suburb of the county town, where the tourists can ride a horse themselves.

Dondrub Chosang is one of 13 horse-riding businessmen near the giant tent, and also one of the members of the county’s equestrian team.
He has worked here for two years.

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