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College entrance exams for visually impared Tsering

On June 7th, the first day of college entrance exams, Tsering dressed himself up in a clean set of uniforms and arrived at the entrance to the Number One High School of Shigatse, Tibet under the assistance of Penpa Lotsong, a teacher from the Number One Middle School in Samdruptse District.

Tashi Dhundrup:Manager and dancer

In May in Douyu Village, Douyu Lhoba Township in Lhunze County, Lhoka City in the Tibet Autonomous Region, a large area of highland barley has already emerged from the ground and the peach and apple trees have already turned green. This is the only Lhoba-inhabited area in Lhoka City. There are a total of 66 househol...

Studying journey of Shangri-La youths in Kunming

After four hours of bumpy road driving from Sanba Township under Mt. Haba to Shangri-La City, Sha Wenjie takes a sleeper coach for 10 hours to arrive at Kunming South Station, and finally continue on to school by car. The first time Sha Wenjie traveled from her hometown to the Xishan campus of Hengshui Experimental ...

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