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Feature: A day in Lhasa

Sunlight on an early spring day and the sound of pilgrims' footsteps wake up the city of Lhasa, capital of Tibet Autonomous Region. Consistent streams of people come to circumambulate the Potala Palace, a symbol of Tibetan Buddhism. Rigzen Drolga and Sonam, a couple in their 70s, took an early bus ride Wednesday f...

Female pilots for high-plateau airlines

High-plateau airlines refer to flight paths over 2,438 meters above sea level. The Prayer-flag Crew of 10 members with Tibet Airlines of southwest China's Tibet is the first all-women team for high-plateau airlines in China's civil aviation history.

Prayer flags bring blessings to those who sew them

Prayer flags, the rectangular, colored cloth carrying messages of blessing, are found everywhere in the Tibet autonomous region-strung on the roofs of houses, in trees and along riversides and mountain ridges. It is a custom for Tibetan families to replace the prayer flags on their roofs with new ones before sunri...

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