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The sheepherder

Passing through the country road of Mangtso Village, Lhunze County, Shannan City, Tibet Autonomous Region, Dawa Gyaltsen, a sheepherder, drives flocks of sheep to the mountain to look for forage every day. As the only sheepherder of the village, he has been herding sheep over the past 13 years.

Feature: An American's 22 journeys in 29 years to Tibetan areas in China

Staring at a large thangka of Potala Palace hanging on the wall of the north stairwell of the Boulder Municipal Building in Colorado State, Dr. Bill Warnock paused for a long moment before talking, plainly overcome by his thoughts. "This thangka was given to the people of Boulder in 1987 by the mayor of Lhasa," sai...

Zheng Long: the mechanic for highland bullet trains

The 31-year-old Zheng Long now serves as the head of a highland bullet train maintenance team under Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company. He was transferred to the post in 2014 when the bullet trains firstly ran on the plateau.