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Xi congratulates Widodo on reelection as Indonesian president

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday sent congratulations to Joko Widodo on behalf of the Chinese...

Xi stresses military personnel education for strong armed forces

President Xi Jinping underlined the importance of better education of military personnel for buildin...

Trade agreements must be two-way balanced, equal and mutually beneficial: spokesperson

Trade agreements between China and the United States must be two-way balanced, equal and mutually be...

British PM promises vote on 2nd referendum in Withdrawal Agreement Bill

British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Tuesday that the Withdrawal Agreement Bill will include a...

Shangshung in Ancient Books

From Tibet Academy of Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Sciences Palkhar Gyal was born in 1982 in Wanxiu Grassland, Qinghai Province. In a decade, Palkhar Gyal has collected nearly 10,000 books on Tibetology and published more than 10 journal papers. E...

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