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India's main ruling party BJP elects new president

India's main ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday elected Jagat Prakash Nadda as the ne...

Trump's lawyers urge Senate to reject impeachment, acquit him speedily

U.S. President Donald Trump's lawyers on Monday argued that Trump had done nothing wrong, urging...

Spotlight: Turkey expects to be further involved in Libya after Berlin summit

Turkey wants to be further involved in any process that would restore peace and stability in war-tor...

Spotlight: Will Turkish call for cooperation in Eastern Mediterranean bear fruit?

As Turkey has renewed the call for cooperation in the hydrocarbon-rich Eastern Mediterranean, some a...

Ecological Development in Songpan County II

In Aba News, we will review the news of the week. In Focus, we will continue inspecting Songpan's ecological development. In Aba's Livelihood, we will go to Tumen Township, Maoxian County, to see how villagers plant kiwi fruits and sell them vi...

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