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Aba's Exhibition on Western China International Fair

Focusing on Aba, reading Aba and publicizing Aba. In Aba News, we will go through the news of this week. In Focus, we will pay a visit to Aba's exhibition hall on Western China International Fair. In Aba's Livelihood, we will see how Wanlin Township...

Mr. Norbu's Treasures

Born in Kangding of Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Norbu has been under the influence of his uncle and developed a strong passion for culture since childhood, particularly for antiques. During his business career of more than 20 years, Norbu h...

Pass Down from Heart to Heart

Yongdo, 71, is a doctor having been practicing. Tibetan medicine for over 50 years. Currently, he’s the unique village doctor at Sershul Town, Serxu County.

Kangba Gala 70

Welcome to Kangba Gala. The song Auspicious World and Colorful Sleeve Dance will be appreciated in the Happy Singing and Dancing Segment. Besides delivering sincere wishes, Ama, Wish You Forever Young will be played in Happy Wishes Segment. For more...

Tibetan Music Hit 10 EP75

Deliver the joy of music and share wonderful Tibetan songs. Hello everyone, this is Lin Feng. Welcome to today’s Tibetan Music Hit 10. In today’s program, we will reveal the ranking list for the third week of November. While enjoying our program, ...

Plethora Prevention through Traditional Tibetan Medicine

Traditional Tibetan medicine held that many diseases were derived from internal factors like people’s greed, anger and craziness, and external factors like daily schedule, environment, diet, etc. Therefore, disease treatment should be conducted bas...

The “Five Ones” Poverty Relief Mechanism in Maoxian County

Today’s program features the “Five Ones” mechanism of poverty eradication in Maoxian County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. Let’s see how poverty is being eradicated there. Please stay with us.

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