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Garze Episode XII

Axu grassland is situated in northeast of Kham Dege, 206km away from Dege County. It is about 4,000m above sea level. In oral tradition tale, Axu is the birth place of King Gesar. Dzongsar Tashi Lhatsa Monastery was founded as a Sakya Monastery by m...

Fire Line

About 18:30 on May 8, 2017, after several rolls of thunder, we got a phone call from a local person. We were informed that on the ridge at the northern side of our station, there was smoke. It seemed that there was a fire. 23 minutes later, I arrive...

Kangba Gala 112

Deliver love via singing, and wish you auspicious! Greetings, dear audience, welcome to Kangba Gala. Let’s have a review of what will be on today’s show.

Responses to the Questions of the Boy Loden III

In the last episode, Professor Chonyi Dorje from Sichuan Tibetan Language School lectured the Responses to the Questions of the Boy Loden by Patrul Rinpoche. In this book, three classes have been divided according to people’s behaviors. To sum up, ...

Zhachong Festival of Aba County

Focusing on Aba, reading Aba and publicizing Aba. In Aba News, we will go through the news of this week. In Focus, we will join the Zhachong Festival of Aba County, experiencing the grassland feast and getting to know the development mode of promoti...

Garze Episode Ⅺ

Tibet medicine was initially originated from the oldest child of the eight spiritual sons of the founder of Bon-Danba Shenrab. Tibetan medicine has been very helpful in the long history. There is a great master in the Meyshod Valley of Dzongsar, Deg...

Gyalo Wedding

Gyalo Wedding is one of the main chapters of the Epic of King Gesar. It’s about the wedding of King Gesar and Princess Drumo. The Ka Gyalo family, Drumo’s hometown and her hair-pinning ceremony were all closely linked to Tibetan customs and cultur...

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