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The Morel Fever by the Dadu River

Garze has a mechanism of cooperation with Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Under the mechanism, Jiang Lin has been promoting the cultivation of morels in Garze for 6 years since 2012. In 2017, the plantation area of morels topped 12,000 mu ...

Kangba Gala 148

Deliver love via singing, and wish you auspicious! Greetings, dear audience, welcome to Kangba Gala. Let’s have a review of what will be on today’s show.

Green Mountains and Clear Water II

No one would survive if there are no mountains and water. Tibetan ancestors believed that various deities lived in different mountains and water. Therefore, they respect mountains, water and nature.

The 10th Anniversary of Wenchuan (III)

Ten years ago, an earthquake hit Wenchuan on May 12, causing great damages to the land and countless families. In ten years, under the support of the whole country, earthquake-stricken people have rebuilt their homes and devoted to comprehensive rev...

Spring Ploughing in Rangtang County

Dear audience, welcome to snowy plateau. In Aba News, we will review the news of this week. In Focus, we will see the drastic changes in Aba ten years after the Wenchuan Earthquake and how people forge ahead with gratitude. In Aba’s Livelihood, we ...

Enlightenment Education

The Tibetan educator Gyalrong Tenzin was born in an ordinary family at Gurong Village in Jainca County in Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai in 1962. He learnt from and has been greatly influenced by Lhamogya, Shardong Lorong Shedrup Gy...

A singing song for laboring people - He Yongqun

My name is He Yongqun and I am 30 now. After getting the postgraduate degree, I came back to my hometown and founded Yunnan Deqen Wofu Agriculture and Forestry Development Co., Ltd. Our company is specialized in ecological porcupine breeding, rural ...

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