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Never Forget Why You Started Episode II

In today’s program, we are going to tell stories about early-rising sanitation workers, the mayor who was injured during disaster relief and special policemen at the grassland. Through concrete actions, they have explained the inherent meaning of ...

Kangba Gala 135

Deliver love via singing, and wish you auspicious! Greetings, dear audience, welcome to Kangba Gala. Let’s have a review of what will be on today’s show.

Changtang Guozhuang Culture

Folk songs feature beautiful lyrics and tunes and various contents. Well, what about other singing and dancing cultures in Changtang?

Review of 2017 -- Ecology

Hello, everyone. Welcome to Chemi Time. Today we continue the annual review program Review of 2017. In the past year, our sky has become bluer, grass greener, and water clearer. Our work in ecological protection has received unprecedented attention ...

Review Aba IV

Last week, we reviewed Aba’s new measures and achievements in ecological construction. Today, we will continue to focus on Aba and its efforts in targeted poverty alleviation.

The Journey of Xianzi — Toasting Songs for the New Year

Wine is not of no use. At least, it can inspire people to sing and dance. Wine is good but overdrinking can cause troubles. Wine-making has a long history in Tibetan-inhabited regions. And toasting songs are a vital part of singing and dancing cultu...

[Gangri Tsathang] Special Episode of DeChen

The snowy mountain and grassland are the symbol of the homeland. Tashi Delek, dear audience! Thank you for watching Gangri Tsathang on time.

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